Power Flushing Heating Systems

Most of the common faults we find with heating systems are caused by the build-up of debris and sludge within the system, and regular flushing of the system can prevent this happening.

Powerflushing plumbers SheffieldPower flushing your central heating system is a deep clean for your system that helps to remove the sludge, rust and other debris that has built up over time inside of your system, which if left unattended can result in your system not working as efficiently as possible and costing you more money in energy to heat your home, it restores your system back to great working order.

Flushing can be carried out with very little disruption to your home and can take between 3 – 7 hours to complete depending on the size of your property.

Additives are firstly used to dislodge and remove all of the sludge and grime and at the end of the process inhibitors are used to help protect further rusting and lime scale build up.

Our Power Flushing service is dependant upon the number of radiators in your home e.g. £399 for up to 12 radiators inc cleaner and inhibitor, filter not included. Additional radiators can be added at £35 each.

Please contact our Customer Service team on 0333 313 3134 for a quotation bespoke to your home and your requirements.

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