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As quality plumbers Sheffield, at Home Services Assistance we have quality and experienced plumbers to undertake any plumbing repairs or installations you require from blocked and leaking pipes to the installation of a new bathroom suite.

All our plumbers are qualified and experienced in all aspects and if you problem involves working with your gas boiler then you can be safe in the knowledge that they’re Gas Safe Registered too.


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with any emergencies you may have, why not give us a call on 0333 313 3134 and speak to one of our customer care team who can discuss any problems you’re having and arrange for a plumber to visit you at a time that’s convenient for you.

Our Charges

We pride ourselves on providing our customers the very best value for money, and promote complete transparency in our charges, click here for full details.

Plumber or Heating Engineer?

This is an age old question that we’re often asked by our customers as they are not sure if they need one or the other, or if indeed they are both the same thing!

So we thought we’d clear up this mystery for you and let you know what the difference between the two are

As you may already know, the word Plumber dates back to Roman times, derived from the Latin word for lead, Plumbum.

Plumbers back in Roman times worked with lead piping as do modern day plumbers, although nowadays it more likely to be plastic pipes rather than lead! They essentially work on anything to do with the water in your home, from your dishwasher to your drains, and your kitchen sinks and bathrooms. They’re the ones you call out if you’ve sprung a leak, got a blockage or need a new bathroom fitting!

Heating Engineers are a little different, although you’ll often find that a Plumber can also be a heating engineer, it’s important to check that they hold the correct qualifications and registrations to carry out any work that involves your boiler or heating system.

Heating engineers, work on your heating appliances covering a whole breath of services from repairs and maintenance of your system, to installing pipework and new appliances. They work on both domestic and commercial systems, although specific registrations and qualifications are required for both, and you’ll find that a Heating Engineer works solely on heating systems, whereas a Plumber may be qualified to work with both heating and water.

The most important thing to ensure if employing someone to work on your heating systems is that they are Gas Safe Registered, and that their registration confirms that they are able to carry out the work on domestic or commercial systems along with what specifics they are qualified to undertake. A qualified plumber, who is not Gas Safe Registered is not allowed, by law, to carry out any work on gas heating systems.

All of our engineers here at Home Services Assistance are Gas Safe Registered, and we’ll ensure that the right person, with the right skills, qualifications and registration is allocated to you for the work you require.

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