1/5 Carbon Monoxide Alarms Found To Be Dodgy

Carbon monoxide poisoning is something everyone should be aware of if they have gas appliances in their home. Known as the silent killer, a carbon monoxide leak can be incredibly dangerous since the gas is tasteless, odourless and colourless, so very difficult to detect without a carbon monoxide alarm.   This is why we here […]

Family Urges Govt To Bring In Tough Laws To Protect Against CO Poisoning

The family of a woman who sadly died just two short months after her wedding from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is now calling on the government to introduce tough new laws to help protect people against the silent killer, as the gas if often referred to because it’s odourless and very difficult to detect. Gordon Samuel, father […]

Could Heat Networks Be The Next Big Thing?

Good news could be on the horizon for homeowners wanting to keep their energy bills to a minimum wherever possible. The government is investing £320 million over the next five years in heat networks around the UK so that low carbon heat can be used to keep homes and businesses warm. These networks are already […]